Monday, June 25, 2012

Painting at the Coast

A quick trip to the coast for an art show. Overall, a good couple of days. The Art Show was being held on a different date then previous years, and could have used a bit more promotion and advertising. So while Theresa was manning the booth, I took my easel and canvases down a block to the waterfront to paint. 

Being just downright hot, I set up in the shade under some live oak trees to paint. After the first painting was finished, I looked around and decided that I liked painting in the shade on 90°+ days. 
Here are the two paintings, both 8 x 10 on canvas.

The Dockside at Beaufort 1
 One highlight of the trip was where we stayed. In the painting above, if you look just to the right of the bow of the blue boat there are two light strips of paint. These are the canopies covering the deck of the Schooner Russamee, where we spent two nights, anchored out. A good breeze kept it comfortable, except when trying to row the dinghy out to the boat against the wind and tide.

The above painting has been bought by one of my long time collectors, but number two is still available. Both were painted to capture the bright summer day at the coast, and I am happy with them and am ready to go back and paint some more in Beaufort.

The Dockside at Beaufort 2
8 x 10 Oil on Linen
$350. shipping included

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