Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creating a Painting

You can follow a painting as it is being created. I have been taking photos as I progress with this painting. The painting is an oil on canvas, 24 x 30. A bit larger than the 4 x 6 paintings you will find at the 1hundredpaintings blog.

So follow along and we will both see how this turns out.

The subject of the painting is a brother and sister at the beach. You can see that the canvas was toned, however instead of a red ground, it received a dull yellow color. The layout was roughed in with pencil and the painting begins.

First, painting some of the darks, then the white of the boy's shirt. This begins to show the range of values (the lights and darks) in the painting.

Some more shapes are roughed in...

The sky and the ocean are painted. More darks in the dune grass behind the boy and some shadows in the sand.

Of course, the photos are taken at irregular intervals, keep getting into the painting and forget about the camera. Maybe a timer....

Check back
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