Friday, July 6, 2007

Raleigh, Fourth of July

We are back in Raleigh, after a week at the Deep Run Horse Show near Richmond, VA, or as one woman at the show told me, "the Hotter than Hell Horse Show". Setting up on Tuesday and Wednesday, the temperature reached 98, with that wonderful southern humidity. But it was a good show. I taught a plein air painting workshop at a nearby farm one evening which was a great fun. I met with collectors who I hadn't seen since last year's show. Met others who I had seen at last week's show. And others who have seen my work or me working and decided that now was the time to aquire a painting.

Below is a painting of the schooling ring at Deep Run. Rocking chairs in the shade. What a civilized show...

This week we are at the NCHJA Horse Show in Raleigh, NC. I had planned to be at the Warrenton Pony Show, but a show near home was too tempting. We brought the camper to the show even though it is a 40 minute drive home. It is wonderful to be able to leave the show and sit and drink a cup of coffee in air conditioned comfort. Not to mention that it helps me get to the show earlier in the morning. We sat and watched fireworks being shot off at the State Fair Grounds across the street and got together with friends for a wonderful cookout/party. I have been working on a number of commissioned pieces while at this show, including the house below. It is newly built and I helped the landscaping out a bit.

The other paintings I am working on include two children at the beach, a horse, and two paintings of dogs. I will be adding these paintings as I finish them in the next few days. Including some of the Keswick Horse Show.
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