Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Evening Skies, Pasture

What's an artist to do? It is winter in North Carolina. What to paint? There are no snow covered scenes to paint. Not that I am complaining. All the colors of spring, summer and fall have turned to a dull gray mixed with a muddy clay colored brown. Enough to bring you down.....
But look up! There in the sky! It's... It's...the sky!
It seems that nature compensates for the lack of color on the ground with a dazzling show above. No more hazy summer days when the humidity won't let you see a blue sky. A clear blue, a dramatic light.....Time to paint!

I really haven't settled on a title for this painting. Something with evening and pasture. It's getting dark, it's cold and muddy. Home from work and you have to move the horses or feed the dogs before you can go inside and relax. As you trudge along you glance up and see the departing day throw a splash of color.....
It is an 8 x 10 oil painting on canvas. And it is for sale. $360. shipping included.

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