Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Painting of Charlie and Multimedia Linen Panels

This post is about a recent painting and I have decided to write about it in two parts. First you get to know about the subject of the painting, the late Charlie Dashiell and below the second image about the panel it was painted on.

We met Charlie when exhibiting our art work at Virigina Horse shows. He had been repairing tack and doing leather work "since Hector was a pup," as they say. His shop at the shows was an old trailer and by the time we met him, he was organizing the concessions and vendors for a number of horse shows. Theresa and I got the chance to got out to dinner with Charlie one night before a show. Lots of stories, from when as a boy he rode a pony to school to histories of the shows and his take on some of the personalities. He was definitely one of a kind.

This painting is an 8 x 10 oil. This is at either the Upperville Horse Show or the Rose Mount Horse Show, I am not quite sure

Here is the painting in a walnut frame.

Okay, for all you artists, this painting was done on a linen panel. The texture of linen is distinct from that of cotton canvas, a bit more fun to paint on. The linen is mounted to Multimedia Artboard, a resin and fiberboard, which is an archival substrate. The linen is oil primed as opposed to an acrylic primer. The oil primed linen gives a brighter color as the oil is not absorbed into the primer, as is the case with acrylic gesso. The rigidity of the panel prevents the flexing of the paint layer that occurs with stretched linen as it changes with humidity and temperature. The panels come in thicknesses from paper thin to 1/4 inch and are extremely lightweight. Great for travel.
Note: Multimedia Artboard did give me some panels to try. I did like them and I do use them, that is why I am telling you about them. ( I don't write about the products that I don't like and use.)

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