Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Paintings

September 13th. I can't believe that summer has gone. It seems that we were just getting ready for the Upperville Show. Traveling to the shows seems to take bites out of time. You come home and time has kept on marching while I've been standing at the easel. Well, anyway, I am displaying new paintings here rather than on my website until I get that organized a bit more. In addition to seeing new paintings here, you can subscribe to my yahoo group, and I will send emails with my most recent paintings. Paintings for sale will be first shown there.

Blowing Rock Horse Show, looking down "the hill." You would think that after two weeks I should be running up the hill. This is a very popular view of the show and I did a number of paintings from here. (Next to EMO Stables barn)

A 12 x 24 painting of Hunter's Lane Barn.

Looking across the arena to the boxes and an approaching storm. Blowing Rock just spoiled me for the rest of the summer. Back to the flat land, temperatures in the 100's, no rain. Yesterday a front came through and we have only had highs around 90.

A long time ago, 10-12 years or so, we traveled through Faquier County, leaving my wife's uncle's family to visit my sister's in upstate PA. Route 17 between I 95 and I 81 was like traveling through a bit of heaven. Since we have been at shows the last couple of years, I wondered what happened to the farm that was on Rt 17 as you went into Warrenton. We have been taking the bypass around town, but at the Warrenton Horse Show earlier this month I got my answer: Walmart. Oh well. When we got home, pulled a photo from years before out of the file. From that I created this painting. It is 11 x 14, a bit larger than the majority of my horse show paintings. Will sell for $3,45.00, and a gold frame is available for $75.00

Click for larger image
This painting is from a photo I took at the WBTA horse show at Meadowbrook Stables in Chevy Chase back in July. Dobbin is still at Meadowbrook, but Emily has gone on to study at Penn. The painting will be going with her to Philadelphia to remind her of those wonderful years.

We are off to The Plains, VA for the Middleburg Classic at Great Meadow. I am looking forward to cooler weather. I hope to get a chance to do some paintings in Middleburg and Warrenton before hand.

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