Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Further along our road to the grand prix...
In yesterday's video we explored the two point position. Today's video is the posting trot and the dismount.The next video will look at painting again.
If you happen to be at the Winter Equestrian Festival for the next couple of weeks, come on by and visit Theresa and I . We will be set up the weeks of Feb 18 and Feb 25. I will be around and painting a bit earlier.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Here are a couple of videos.. No painting in these two. After being around and painting at  horseshows and at home buying and hauling hay and grain, putting up and fixing fencing, paying farriers and vets, I decided to to see what is it about riding horses that has such an attraction. Not only that, but learning something new. Learning balance. Learning about the horse, the tack. Where are the long stirrup leathers and the big question... Where do I find wide stirrup irons for big feet? 

So here is a video of an early lesson. The horse I had be learning on was indisposed, so a smaller, 15.1h (that 15 hands 1 inch for those non-horse people, roughly 4 cubits) horse that would look a little more absurd was given to me.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Something Different - German Short-haired Pointers

I am always trying to get a series of photographs of the process of creating a painting. I take a first photograph of the painting's beginning, and then just get into the painting, realizing after finishing that I forgot to take the interim photos. These portraits of two German Short Haired Pointers are a case in point. I could have taken another, earlier photograph to start with and the last two seem pretty close looking at them now. The variation in color between the last two photos is due to the photography, lighting, digital imaging etc.

This first photo is the finished painting of Courtney.
Check Spelling

These three show some of the changes the painting goes through.

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