Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tax Code, Art Donations and new painting

The last few days have been Great weather and the right timing!!

I went out Sunday morning, did a couple of paintings of some dogwood and crabapple trees blooming. Then on Tuesday, painted a house in Raleigh. (See below) Wednesday, Theresa and I took a ride "out in the country". We happened upon a old mill, Weldon's Mill, in Epson NC. I believe it would be at least 15 years since we last stopped by there. The new owners moved down from Michigan and in the process of restoring it.

Other news:
I will be having a one-man show the month of September in Aiken, SC at the Aiken Center for the Arts.

I will also be represented by the Chisholm Gallery of Piney Plains NY.
I hope to have a page on their website this week.

Updated show schedule:
May, Sedgefield Horse Show, Greensboro NC

Devon Horse Show, Devon PA

Upperville Horse Show, Upperville VA

Roanoke Valley Horse Show,Salem VA

July will find us at an outdoor Art Show in Beaufort NC for the Fourth, then at the end of July and the beginning of August we will be at the Blowing Rock Horse Show, Blowing Rock NC.

8 x 24 Oil on Canvas

The Tax Code..
The is a bill in Congress to allow artists to deduct the fair market value of works that they donate to charity. As things stand right now, if I donate a painting, I can deduct my costs for materials. So write your congressman so we can keep those donations coming!

Devon Horse Show 8x10 Oil on Canvas

Friday, April 4, 2008

Back Home

I got back last night from Aiken, SC, where I delivered the painting of Namon in Hitchcock woods. It was being presented to him after I had left, so I haven't yet heard what his reaction was. The client who commissioned the painting came up with the idea of offering Giclee prints on stretched canvas. The proceeds from the sale of these would go toward Namon's retirement fund. We will be doing it, so check back for the details.

If you saw the video of my thumbnail painting Two Cows in my last post, here is the finished painting 9" x 12", based on the 2.5 x 3.5" painting

The Plein Air Painter's version of Murphy's Law - While you are driving or working in the studio, the sun will shine. When it's time to paint, rain and wind. Tuesday started out cold and rainy, just like Saturday, Sunday and Monday. By the time I had driven to Beaufort NC, through thunderstorms and tornado warnings, it had turned into a beautiful spring day. But... I was in Marshallburg NC on the coast on Core Sound near Cape Lookout to letter boats. 23 kt gold leaf lettering on mahogany transoms of beautiful electric boats made by Tom Hesselink of Budsin Woodcraft. Here is Talley Ho, still in the paint shop

Here are two more, ready for delivery

Wednesday morning, I loaded my paintings, paints and canvases and drove to Aiken. It started out cloudy, then sunshine all the way through SC, until I got of of I20, when the clouds covered the sky. I delivered the painting, stopped at the Equine Divine Gallery in downtown Aiken leaving paintings with them. Ate dinner, found a room and woke up to rain and fog. So off to the old Shooting Club to discuss a commission with the owner, got some coffee and headed down the road. A stop in Camden SC, rain continued, so back home. Today I went to the Village Gallery in Raleigh and worked on the above painting of the cows.

Tomorrow--storms coming through, work in the studio and on our websites....

Here is a painting of Taylor's Creek in Beaufort, NC. Not to far from Marshallburg. Still has some old homes and work boats. On the other side of the creek, is Carrot Island and the Rachel Carson Reserve, home to some of the Wild Ponies of the Outer Banks.
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