Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Hundred Paintings starts

In the midst of getting the One Hundred Paintings project started and getting ready to head to Keswick VA for the Keswick Horse Show and Lititz, Pa to the Quentin Riding Club for the Bluestone Horse Show, I got a chance to head to the coast for a day.

Of course, it wasn't about hanging around the beach or fishing or boating. Well a bit about boating. I was back at Budsin Woodcraft, builders of fine wooden electric boats. We have featured them in a past newsletter, but if you missed it, check out their website.
I went down to letter boat names of the transoms of some of these beauties. One boat was headed to The Point, a resort on Lake Saranac in the Adirondack Mts of New York. One was headed to a private lake at the Beaver Lake community in New Jersey and the last one will be going to the producer of the TV show Cheers. Here's a shot of it. The name is done in 23kt gold leaf with red and black trim.

With a high temperature that day of 60, I didn't miss the beach at all.

Don't forget to visit
to see the first of the one hundred paintings.

Friday, May 8, 2009

One Hundred Paintings One Hundred Days

I am starting a new project later this week. One Hundred Paintings in One Hundred Days.
You can follow the work on the blog I specifically created to show the paintings as they are completed.

Here is the link to One Hundred Paintings blog

Here is what I wrote there to introduce this project.

One Hundred Paintings in One Hundred days. That's my goal. A new painting to be shown everyday. Most of these will not be large paintings. Probably in the 4 x 6 inch range. The paintings will be for sale. The price, One Hundred dollars.

So what's the big deal. Just a little painting a day. Yes, but that is in addition to what is already going on in my studio. I will still be working on larger paintings, painting at the Horse Shows, setting up and exhibiting Theresa's and my work. Traveling to the shows. Not to mention, setting up all the backend to be able to show these to you.

Why? Productivity. I am always able to get more done, the busier I am. So I am going to make myself busier.

I hope you will come back and check on my progress. I am counting down to the start. When? Sometime in the coming week. No, I am not stockpiling paintings. I am getting this blog ready. Adding a mailing list for those of you who want to recieve email updates and just trying to get the logistics squared away.

As a lot of my paintings and our portraits are of dogs, I am going to donate a portion of all the dog paintings sold from this project to Danny and Ron's Rescue. Those of you who know me through the horse shows know all about Danny and Ron. Those who don't, you can check them out here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun at a Local Show

After the adventure of traveling to California and Florida to exhibit at some larges shows, we kicked back and stayed local. Our first show was a one-day Hunter Jumper show at a local barn, MacNair's Country Acres.
Travel time: 40 minutes. Set-up time: 30 minutes. We did not rush.
We spent time with old friends, clients and collectors and met with new friends, clients and collectors. It was a take your horse and sit under the tree and watch kind of show. The local 4-H was manning the food concession. Cooking real Hamburgers, Hot Dogs etc on a grill......
Thanks, Eastern Hunter Association and MacNair's

It was only a week later, that we were even closer to home at a local Arts and Crafts Festival in the nearby town of Wake Forest, NC. Meet in the Steet is put on by the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce and has been getting better and more organized each year. Volunteers help unload. Happy volunteers help unload.
Drive time: 15 minutes. Set-up time: A bit longer as a chance of wind and rain had us bringing out the big gun, our Craft Hut tent, rather than an EZ UP (EZ up, EZ down, EZ blow away)

Again it was FUN! Meeting people we haven't seen in quite a while. Meeting future clients and collectors. Catching up on the local arts scene.

Leave home 7:00 am, start packing up at 4:00 pm, at home by 6:00. Priceless

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