Friday, August 19, 2011

Painting at Blowing Rock

We have just returned from two weeks at the Blowing Rock Horse Show in where else but Blowing Rock NC. Actually, it has taken a week or so to recover from the show and get caught up here and back to work in the studio and out in the field.

The Blowing Rock Show actually started months ago with creating a painting for the show's poster and t-shirts. This painting was fun to do, including setting up the props and trying to get the level of wine in the glasses just right...too much, have to sip it down some-oops...drank to much, have to pour get the picture. (Actually I had a three hour drive home after the session and the wine very quickly got warm.)

The posters and t-shirts proved very popular. All sorts of show participants wanted one....

Of course, after setting up our exhibit it was off the Wall (also know as the Wine Wall) to paint the view of the John's River Gorge. It was evening when I started painting and after an hour or so the sun was setting so fast that you couldn't keep up with the changing light and colors.

A number of dogs had portraits painted of them this year at the show

And a miniature portrait of a trainer on the rail watching was a gift commissioned by one of her clients

A final note, "The Wall" is how I refer to that location. "The Wine Wall" is a name used by others. My "recovering from the show" had nothing to do with wine, just a continuous period of painting and working outdoors. It seemed that by the time you were done for the day, it was time to get started all over again. A wonderful time at a wonderful show with some wonderful people. Until next year...

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