Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Work in Progress

At the Start Here is a photo of a painting in it's beginning stages. I took photos of a couple of Jack Russell Terriers at the Rose Mount Horse Show in Spotsylvania to use for refernce. Starting with a toned background, the rough shapes where drawn in with a brush and ultramarine blue paint. (I came up with the idea of photographing this paintings stages a bit after the first stage, so no photo) I then blocked in the big shapes, shadows in the grass, the shadow side of the grooming box, the shaded areas of the dogs and the sunlit grass area. Check back to see how this turns out.

Upperville is getting closer and its time to start a loading plan. After the show, Theresa will be coming back home, and I will head to the Keswick horse show the following week. Tomorrow, I will be working on something completely different. 23kt Gold leaf lettering on a Fire Truck.

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