Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Saratoga Racetrack

The Grandstand at Saratoga Racetrack, seen from the backstretch. After crossing Union Ave from the showgrounds, you walk along the backstretch to the barns. I found some shade from a tree. My clamp-on white umbrella I use to shade my painting and palette has occassionally blown over in the wind. Not a good idea with horses constantly passing by....

The grandstand is huge and walking along the backstretch of the track I am awed at how big it is. After the hunter and jumper rings, this is exercise.

I have been getting out before the show and walking over to the Oklahoma training track behind us to watch the horses being exercised. I am told that with horses coming out of the early morning mist it is quite a sight. I haven't seen a morning mist yet, but it is quite a sight even in the sunlight.

The painting of the Grandstand is 9 x 12 and is $250.00 with a gold leaf frame.
You can find out more at and also reach me through my website:

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