Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Painting Greens

It looks like the title to this post ends up inadvertently being a pun. Today I began the actually work, that is getting out on location and the putting paint to canvas, on a new project. Sort of an artist in residence at the North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh NC. The project is a series of paintings of views of the courses, some done on location and possibly some painted in the studio.

Here is the first study, the product of this afternoons work at Hole No. 8 on The Oaks Course.

Getting back to the pun, while mixing colors to paint the Pine Trees, the Oak Trees and the young newly planted trees. The grass of the fairway and the grass of the green, the grass in the foreground and the grass in the distance, I remembered one of our students at this past Saturday's workshop (Painting in the Rose Garden) asking me, just how do you get the greens in the landscape correct. Now there is an answer for him, go paint at a golf course. After a couple of months, you will have all the shades and tones of green, all the mixtures and colors figured out or you will have given up or gone mad.

You can see our classes here:

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