Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the Beach ( Haven )

I was up in New Jersey, visiting at the shore, when I ran across this painting in one of my collectors homes. I realized that it had gotten away without being photographed.

The painting, which is 9 x 12 oil on canvas, was painted in Beach Haven NJ. from a park which is a block off the ocean. What's so special about a water tower? If you look around you probably notice that water towers all seem to be a light blue, green pale sort of color. When the time came for this tower to be painted, those were the plans for it. But a hue and cry was raised. It seems that the orange tower has been used for years as an aid to navigation by boatmen and mariners. The orange color stands out against the blue sky and its uniqueness lets navigators know that they are off of Beach Haven.

You can see more seascapes at my website

And a number of paintings for sale at my ebay store

Come to think about it, one of my first, "take the easel and oil paints outside" plein air paintings was done a couple of block from here when I was still in high school.

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